Here at The Military Mega Store, we offer a large variety of military backpacks designed to meet any need. Because we are putting our name behind each and every one of the products that we sell, we make sure that they are rugged, durable, and won’t let you down—no matter what situation you find yourself in.

If you’re looking for a canvas backpack that is not only sturdy, but also dependable, comfortable, and stays closed when you need it to, then you are sure to find something from this selection that is perfect for you. Whether you’re packing light for a quick drop from a bird, or you just need something that looks solid and can carry your books, these backpacks are more than up for any task.

We are proud to sell products that both Joe’s and civilians can use in any number of situations, and these military backpacks often present the most versatile options: Lightweight when you need them to be, and outfitted with heavy, rugged, and water resistant materials when you need to guard against the elements. From the office to the battlefield, we’ve got all of our customers’ backs.

The Canvas Backpack

Whether you are looking for a messenger bag, or something more fit for a combat outpost, canvas materials offer a broad range of use that makes them very popular amongst our customers. The European School Bag is made from top grade materials that will carry field equipment, tablets and laptops with ease. Likewise, our day-packs have strong, stay-tight drawstrings to keep all of your critical gear inside, so that nothing is going in or out whether you’re on watch or not.

The Tactical Backpack

No matter what kind of terrain you’re facing: from the sidewalk to the minefield, our tactical backpack will stick behind you through even the most rugged conditions. It’s superior padding and storage capabilities make it idea for camping and hikes, and its extra strong zipper will be sure to keep everything in.

The Camo Backpack

The camo backpack styles come in true military and woodland camouflage that’s perfect both inside and outside the wire. Whether you want a messenger bag, a travel bag or a trusted shoulder pack, camo backpacks will stand the test of time and serve you well for years to come.

The Rucksack Backpack

For our customers who need some extra assistance, the rucksack backpack can handle a load above and beyond the rest. Easily convertible into a hydration pack, a rucksack will carry all of your necessary tools with you, providing additional compartments and storm flaps that keep the elements out and your cargo in. From canteens to camping gear, the rucksack won’t let you down.

Here at the Military Mega Store, our goal is to make sure that we can outfit you with the ideal companion for whatever journey lies ahead. Whether it’s stateside in the office, or abroad and out on the field. We offer the best in quality and styles to fit your needs. So browse our selection today and find the backpack that’s right for you.