Gas Masks


Gas Masks

While gas masks are not something that all of our Military Mega Store customers will have to use every day, they are still something that is important to keep on reserve in your house, office, or outpost in case of an emergency that can’t wait for backup.

You don’t have to be jumping from a bird into a danger zone to find use for a full face gas mask: in fact, many of our customers are simply civilians working with potential harmful contaminants in the air of their daily life—whether they are farmers, painters, or some other type of industry worker.

Here at the Mega Store, we’ve been outfitting customers from all different backgrounds with the best that military supplies can offer, and our mission is to make sure that each one of our customers gets exactly what they want to perform at their best—Joe or civilian. We pride ourselves in putting the Military Mega Store name behind each one of the products we sell, so we stand by their quality as top-tier in materials and use.

The Full Face Gas Mask

In most situations, a half-mask, also known as a half-mask respirator will not be enough to protect you from spray paints or flower dust. In a contained unit like a freight elevator or industrial room with high volumes of chemicals, it’s important that your whole face—including your eyes and ears—are properly covered.

Our gas masks have minimal room between your face and the mask so that there isn’t room for carbon dioxide to compromise the mask’s integrity. With the full face gas mask, you’ll be sure to be breathing well even amongst contaminants that would otherwise affect your breathing.

The NBC Gas Mask

For our customers who need a step up from the ordinary protection that other gas masks might provide them—this military grade gas mask is more likely to be used by the likes of riot police and those involved with serious chemical armaments. With six straps designed for optimal facial coverage, and ballistics and chemical tested materials, these masks can handle the thickest toxic air.

The Army Gas Mask

The army gas mask is designed with our military brothers and sisters in mind, though it is not off limits to any of our customers. This top-tier respirator is made to stand up to the toxic elements that would try to plague our soldiers: a valuable item to have stored away for safekeeping.

The Survival Gas Mask

There’s no telling what any of our customers may find that they need their gas mask for, but the survival gas mask was designed to be one that can universally prepare them for a plethora of potentially harmful situations. When keeping yourself and your family safe from harmful agents is a priority, we understand, and want to help you do that well.

Whatever you may be searching for in gas masks, we are confident that our selection is more than capable of providing a respirator that’s right for you. Please browse our selection, or call for further assistance, today.