SGE 400 Military Gas Mask


Product Description

The SGE 400 gas mask has been designed to meet military ad civil defense requirements 
The following are the characteristics of the mask:
Single front filter connection
Ballistic and chemical agressive treated face shield
Silicone face seal (excellent for long period use; tested for 6 days without removing)
Compact large field of vision
Easy maintenance
full-face mask are fitted by means of a headpiece with 6 straps - these can be adjusted to ensure a perfect fit over the face 
The internal nose and mouthpiece allow the air inhaled to pass through the visor without causing condensation or misting - It also reduces un- used space inside the mask to prevent the build-up of carbon dioxide from the air exhaled 
We have brand new 40mm NATO NBC filters available for sale that were made in Israel in 2017 available for sale - bulk discounts available
Although these products are brand new and have been rigorously tested, they are sold as a 3rd party company and we are not liable for any misuse or malfunction
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